"Your photos are a moving, artistic documentary of the pain and beauty of transition – looking back without a reassuring window on the future. You have singled out so effectively select portions of space, object, and evoked experience."

"Your work is strong and personal and authentic."

"I love your photographs; they are somewhat sad, but they are beautiful and somehow organic, both in the presence and in the dissolution of a life lived. They especially resonate with me as I have been taking photos of the disintegration of my family's farm for some years. I would love to see more of your work."

"I was taken by the beauty and power of the images."

"I stopped for quite a long time to look at your work and was really struck by it, thinking about my past, memory, history, etc. I ended up having a dream where several of your images figured in."

"Case evokes a whole world of 20th-century Proustian memory – those photos, that suitcase, just are the unrecoverable time of parents and grandparents. (It reminds me also of W.G. Sebald's writing, whose meditations on memory, imagination, and re-collection might fit your work.) Pastorale gave me the immediate sense that I wanted it on my wall: there are centuries of experience slipped into that photo."

"Your pictures alone are stunning (right up my alley, as I love light, forms, and color). Before I even read the statement, I definitely could feel a sense of loss and memory in your photos. They're truly fantastic. But coupled with the statement, I think your work is quite amazing and tells a sad but inevitable story. I'm so glad you got to share it for a brief moment."

"What you are producing is powerful, real, and immensely beautiful." 

"The photo of the piano – the way it is underexposed – really caught my attention. The subtle tones encourage a closer look. The piano is a symbol for so many things: childhood, joy of music and, for some, escape. What I took from that single photograph is the sound of music, or lack thereof. Your photograph asks your viewer many questions."

"The images are simply beautiful and haunting and how anyone cannot see that they are an affirmation of life is beyond me."

"Your 'banned' photo essay moved me very much. I lost both my parents in recent years, and had to do a smaller-scale version of your cleanout of their apartment. Your images evoked those feelings again: the memories inherent in commonplace objects, the empty spaces where life was once lived."

"I'm so grateful to see your work and know there are others who have been through similar weighty tasks and made something from it."

"The work is beautiful and is real life. It is okay to feel, and it is okay for public places to express some real emotion. In fact, it is about time."

"How sad to deprive coffee drinkers the opportunity to engage with quality art about a subject that matters, art that isn't the 'usual fluff,' art that is subtly saturated with the poignant presence of loss."